Refreshed marketing for CEIC

Design delivery and integration support of a new marketing experience for BIG data.

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC : for CEIC

CEIC were another of Euromoney PLC’s products that provide an invaluable service to their clients and have grown through reputation, word of mouth and trade awareness. Consequently their investment in traditional marketing tended to remain small. With a poorly performing brochure site we worked with the marketing team to implement a new strategy and refresh the design.

The brief revolved around improving inbound traffic and the material to ensure retention thereafter. As part of the overall refresh a new set of brand guides had recently been established however, they were heavily print focused and a large part of the UI design task was to evolve these to include digital.

One of the greatest challenges however, was to define journeys and tools that coped well with the sheer volume of content and data being generated as part of the inbound mareting strategy.

For this project we were responsible for the UX and UI design. Implementation was carried out by a thrid party agency who had been engaged by the business prior to the project. Handover and oversight were therefore a huge part of ensuring the vision remained consistent throughout. We were able to really test our delivery tools such as Zeplin and fine tune our process for engaging with third parties.

The outcome was a near seemless transfer to the implementation team however, as is the way with such things our engagement was time boxed and subsequent iterations have lacked the UX and UI oversight that initially ensured such a strong result.

Given how invested we were in this project it provided the catalyst to revisit our intial work on ensuring continuity after handover through well defined and visible pattern libraries and where possible evolving these with the entire team into design systems to support rapid further development and iteration.

CEIC Homepage Desktop Design

CEIC Product Detail Desktop Design