Branding for Women@Euromoney initiative

Putting together a brand and supporting material for one of a set of internal initiatives.

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Recently (at time of writing) Euromoney PLC have launched a number of internal initiatives aimed at enduring equality across the business. The first of these out the gate was Women@Euromoney. A group, open to all, to promote and develop equal represenation.

As all initiatives should be this started at grass roots level and developed organically within the requirements of the intiative. We were approached to provide a logo and a little bit of additional visual identity. Given the loose nature of these initiative, we had a lot of question and who, what, where, why etc and how this fitted into other intiatives being evolved at the time.

Perhaps the biggest challenge we faced was a disperate set of groups managing the initiative and releasing content, direction etc at different times, often with differing messages. Resulting in a lot of re-work as the intitiave evolved. Sounds like a headache, but actually it was quite fun to be part of that journey and have to pivot concepts, finding a new message in the design.

I worked up a number of brand options as those requirements changed and at the time of writing there is a bit of a pause so none have as yet been globally adopted.

Women@Euromoney brand board

Women@Euromoney brand board detail

As part of the material for the initiative I was also asked to put together some supporting assets to be used within aspects of the intiative awareness and presentations. As part of this the Arms@Euromoney avatar builder was born. Representing the raised arms of a diverse group of representative women this Sketch avatar builer allows simple and fast creation of assets, by mixing and matching body parts, clothing and accessories to keep the uses of this material fresh and extendable.

It was a fun piece of work and has already proven handy to have in the toolkit as new requests have come in. The vision being that this should evolve with more options and personas represented.

Arms for Euromoney avatar Screenshot

arms@euromoney avatar symbols